Agent Spotlight: Kenan Kreso

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With an MBA in International Business and 15 years of experience in the energy consulting field, Kenan Kreso is a uniquely qualified real estate agent.

While his grade school classmates were splashing their way through pool parties and having fun, Kenny was spending his summers getting valuable life experience in renovation and the realities of rental management by working for his family’s property company. 

After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2005, he moved to beautiful and historic Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his father’s birthplace. Already proficient in Spanish, he strove to learn the local languages (Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian) while starting his career and pursuing his MBA.

Sarajevo has a vibrant and unique cafe culture that celebrates the ritual of conversations over coffee. Kenny was always quite busy with work and school, but his friends encouraged him to take some time off and embrace the local tradition of spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

Kenny moved back to the US and the Chicagoland area in 2010 as the North American Director of Alfa Energy Group, a boutique energy, sustainability, and technology consulting firm with offices around the world. In 2021, he decided he needed a complete career change, and pivoting to real estate was the next logical step. 

Having become familiar with this ever-shifting environment years before through his parents’ work, he definitely wanted to partner with a dynamic brokerage like Baird & Warner Lincoln Park that offers unparalleled agent support and training. 

“Meeting David Bailey (Lincoln Park Managing Broker) and Negeen Masghati (Managing Broker of Baird & Warner’s South Loop office) sealed the deal for me,” Kenny emphasizes. He deeply appreciates the mentorship and guidance he’s received, as well as the relationships he’s formed with the entire team.

Building a successful real estate business from the ground up isn’t easy, but he’s certainly no stranger to hard work. A puzzle fan, Kenny enjoys the challenges of “getting to know people and what makes them tick,” and then leveraging that knowledge to match his clients with exactly the right property for their specific needs. 

He encourages those considering transitioning to a career in real estate to remember that diligence and focus are the keys to succeeding as a broker in this market. 

“There are always tons of distractions, ups and downs, just like any other profession,” he reveals, “but it helps to have approachable people around you who know the struggles and are there to help you reach your goals.”

Kenny doesn’t spend all of his time in the office or on the computer. Once the former frontman of a band (“it was a looooooong time ago,” he laughs), he has a lifelong passion for live music and sometimes brings his family along for explorations of Chicago’s many iconic concert venues and outdoor events.

For fellow music lovers, he recommends Tone Deaf Records, an independent shop in the northwestern neighborhood of Portage Park with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The store carries a huge selection of punk, metal, rock, and jazz, along with t-shirts and other gear, and also hosts the occasional all-ages show.

As you can tell from his personal history, he’s absolutely tireless. It’s a good thing too as it helps him keep up with his energetic children who excel at a variety of sports. Together, they enjoy outdoor activities all year long, including fishing, hiking, camping, and biking. 

Chicagoland is known for its many beautiful parks, a stunning urban skyline, and of course, the shores of Lake Michigan. One of Kenny’s favorite things to do is bike down to Promontory Point, part of lakefront Burnham Park, and admire “the best view of the lake and city.” You might even find him having a dip and relaxing there during the summertime months. 

In the depths of winter, the Garfield Park Conservatory is his preferred local getaway. The welcoming warmth within the vast glass enclosure offers a glorious respite from the bitter Chicago cold — and the humid air that nurtures the tropical indoor garden is the perfect antidote for any winter ailments.

Kenny is the embodiment of dedication and perseverance, and he’s a key player for the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park team. His love of the city complements his business expertise and helps him deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for his clients. If you want to reach out, you can find him on LinkedIn or Instagram

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