Getting Started in Real Estate

Get your career going.

Starting a career in real estate can be as difficult or easy as you decide. Structure, goals and the support of your brokerage are the biggest contributing factors to getting off the ground quickly and successfully.

The one trait all of our successful brokers have in common though is that they work full-time. Real estate is a 24/7 machine, so jumping in with both feet is a must. Creating your business plan, working your sphere of influence, generating marketing and servicing clients all takes time, and your career will suffer without attention to all the necessary facets.

The best time to start

Though undoubtedly a seasonal industry, there are pros and cons to starting a career in real estate any time of the year. Winter allows for a ramp up period during the colder, slower months, so while there are fewer transactions in the marketplace, you will have the opportunity to build a solid foundation of real estate knowledge. Starting in the spring is for those who want to jump in head first since the market is most active during the spring and summer. You will have less time to focus on business fundamentals, but there are more transactions to learn from.

On the road to success

The old adage is true here too: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Many brokers who hit the ground running sell their first property after just a few months, and their achievements compound from there. For others, it may take a full year to ramp up. Staying consistent with your marketing, client service and dedication to learning the business is the fastest way to success.

First year income

The amount you take home is a direct reflection of the time, energy and effort you put into your career on a daily basis, which is what accounts for the huge range in first year incomes. On the high end, some new brokers take home over $100,000 while others take home zero. According to the National Association of Realtors, median gross income is about $40,000, with working full-time as the biggest indicator of success.