How Two New Agents Went From 0 To Rookie Of The Year In 2021

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Starting a business — any business — is a tough proposition. And starting out as a rookie real estate agent is tougher than setting up shop in almost any other industry. Building relationships, creating a robust referral network, and developing the habits and workflows that allow an agent to balance business servicing with business origination can all make it seem daunting to stand up a real estate brokerage.

However, even in the tough business of real estate, there are those rookie agents who seem to hit the ground running and never stop. Learn more about how to ensure a fast start to your real estate career with two stories of Baird & Warner Lincoln Park agents, Sarah Jaffe and James Gurick, who went from zero to rookie of the year in 2021. 

Both were perfect examples of engagement, curiosity, and commitment to their business. Each came into the real estate arena with a mindset of building a highly productive business, developed a plan for success, and executed on that plan. While each took their own path, both leveraged the training opportunities offered at Baird & Warner Lincoln Park and the support of their peers and mentors to adapt and solve the challenges they faced. Although they took different approaches, each has managed to find unique success early in their career. 

Sarah Jaffe

For rookie agent Sarah Jaffe, who closed nearly 50 transactions in 2021, an even-tempered and meticulous approach to her new business has paid off. 

Sarah urges new agents to “be patient with yourself during that first year, without losing momentum. ​​When you’re first starting out, you have no frame of reference for what success will look and feel like —  I didn’t realize how successful my first year was until it was over. If you stick to what works and what you enjoy doing, you’ll find success.”

Sarah also took advantage of the training, mentorship, and feedback opportunities offered in her first year at Baird & Warner Lincoln Park. “From an objective standpoint, Baird & Warner Lincoln Park provides a lot of training and resources to make sure you feel comfortable no matter what.” Sarah took full advantage of the training offerings: “I’m so grateful for that, because there’s so much to learn,” she says. “There’s so many things to learn that you’ll never be able to be taught in any one course… That may mean learning a new skill on the marketing side of things, or learning more about the specifics that will help you become a better broker.

Although real estate is often thought of as a competitive business, Sarah found an environment of collegiality and mentorship in Baird & Warner’s Lincoln Park office. “My first few transactions, I was calling colleagues in the office at 11 pm on a Saturday night for feedback and guidance.” For Sarah, the office was a “safe space where I could get other perspectives and feedback and not miss a beat in terms of getting things done for clients.”

James Gurick 

For James Gurick, who led Baird & Warner Lincoln Park’s rookie agents in volume with over $10 million in closed sales, a relentless work ethic has paid dividends. James joined the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park office for its “mentorship, training programs, and overall positive, hard working environment.” A 2x Men’s NCAA lacrosse champion, James sought a brokerage that would help him “truly be a part of a winning team.”

For James, the training and mentorship opportunities offered by the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park office were an important differentiator. James has always been interested in the real estate business, finding himself studying different architectural styles long before he entered the field.

James is able to balance his commitment to client service and “going the extra mile for my clients in everything we work on together” with an entrepreneurial spirit that has led him to develop a robust referral network and marketing plan. While maintaining a balance between business generation and business servicing can be difficult, especially for new agents, James has hit the ground running, building a strong foundation for the future.

Build Your Future At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park

When it comes to a career in the real estate business, choosing the right brokerage can make all the difference. From best-in-class training, to mentorship, administrative and management support, to a collaborative, collegial work environment, Baird & Warner Lincoln Park is ready to help each agent reach their full potential. We know that there is no one-size-fits all approach to building a successful real estate business, and we offer support that allows our agents to build the business that works best for them

Want to Talk About Your New Real Estate Business? 

At Baird & Warner, new agents have access to a supportive environment staffed with resourceful individuals all with the same goal in mind — your success. 

Just behind your personal motivation and drive, finding the right office is one of the most important factors in determining your success in real estate. All of us at Baird & Warner – Lincoln Park take pride in maintaining an office culture that promotes continuous improvement and that provides unparalleled levels of control, convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction for both our agents and clients.Curious about how our office’s training, support, and services can help take your new business to the next level? If you’re interested in talking about your career in real estate, we are always here to listen! Whether you are considering a career change or looking for a new partner in your existing business, I truly look forward to connecting. Get in touch today to get the conversation started.

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