Week 8 – Alec

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Week 8:

I have been working with a buyer and we recently came across a property they like.  We are at the beginning stages of my first transaction! It is very exciting but also hectic to be learning all of the initial communications, contract information and procedures that are needed to create a smooth transition into negotiations. Although I am new, I do feel that I have the necessary skills to negotiate with experienced listing brokers and reach the best price for my client due. I have always been able to present directly and confidently which helps in all aspects of negotiations.

One thing I needed guidance with was filling out my first contract, but the direction I was given from my managing brokers here at the Lincoln Park office was all I needed to feel more confident.

My client was very satisfied with the outcome of our negotiations and is now ready to start the inspection and attorney review period. Each day I am looking for anything I can do to make this transaction as flawless as possible. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sitting and waiting for all parties to respond and get on the same page through the day-to-day progression. As long as I am on top of everything, my client will hopefully see that I am a hard worker and feel comfortable as I guide them through this pivotal moment in their life. The only other trouble that I’ve found to be present during this process is that it is very hard for me to focus on anything else. I know I should be continuing to work towards other opportunities, but can’t seem to pull myself away from the original transaction. I hope to have good news for next week’s New Broker Diary as this deal should move quite hastily.

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