Week 4 – Alec

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Week 4:

This week I worked my first open house and I think it went very well!  Only a few people came through to look at the property, but I gained some valuable experience just being there and talking to people (potential clients) about real estate. At first, I was a little nervous about how I would talk to people, however I quickly realized that if I asked the right questions, the guests would do most of the talking and the conversations would go much more smoothly.

It is important to be prepared and understand the local market when hosting an open house. It was great to be able to go through all of the materials I needed with Diana prior to the open and arrive well prepared. Yet another example of how the management at Baird & Warner Lincoln Park is available to help with new agent questions no matter how big or small.  We created brochures, went over the sign in process and my presentation for the potential clients that I would meet. Just moments before the open house started when I had laid out all of my brochures and business cards, I felt that I was ready to present myself as a real estate professional and handle anything that came my way.

The only thing I would do differently in the future is that I would get there a bit earlier so that I can explore the house and really find key points to accent for people. I feel that this would help me put a personal touch on the showing and maybe help my guests notice something that they wouldn’t normally think to look for. You never know if one small detail is going to be a deciding factor in their decision or not.  Other than that, I felt very well prepared and I look forward to following up with the potential clients I met!

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