Agent Spotlight: Marjorie Allabastro

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As the daughter of an architect, real estate is practically in Marjorie Allabastro’s DNA. Visiting job sites with her father sparked a lifelong enthusiasm for the subject that is evident in her passion for her work. Marjorie started out in real estate development, then took a career detour into the corporate world, but nothing could hold her back from a return to real estate. She brings a sharp focus, clear love of the subject matter, and a tireless work ethic to every transaction, building an enviable loyalty among her clients, who return to seek her services again and again as they navigate home purchases over the years.

Marjorie’s favorite part of her work as a broker is introducing her clients to hidden Chicagoland gems that may not have been on their original wish lists. “I love introducing people to new neighborhoods. Sometimes I can introduce them to a new area and they can make a better investment and have a new experience of discovering Chicago,” Marjorie explains. Her encyclopedic knowledge of Chicago allows Marjorie to be “an ambassador to different areas of the city and the suburbs” for her clients, finding them amazing opportunities that other agents might overlook.

Marjorie understands the singular importance a home purchase holds for most of us. “I look at it as an investment for my clients, probably the biggest one in their lives,” she says, noting that a home is “the only investment you can make that you get to actually live in.” Marjorie understands the importance of investing in making a home enjoyable, even if you don’t intend to live in it forever. In a recent transaction, she encouraged clients who had only spent about a year and a half in their home to make some small improvements and invest in good staging. The clients were able to realize a $45,000 profit on their sale after only 18 months, and to really enjoy the time they spent living in the home, all because they trusted Marjorie’s advice to make a small investment that could net a big return.

For Marjorie, nothing is more important than the trust of her clients. She views herself as an educator, someone who can educate both buyers and sellers on how to productively buy and sell real estate. When clients understand that their broker “has their best interests at heart,” Marjorie explains, they are “set up for success.” When asked what has been the key to her success as a broker, Marjorie says simply “relationships. Building trust and credibility with your clients, and helping people navigate difficult times and make the best decisions in their financial interest.”

And Marjorie’s relationships with her clients don’t end with the close of a sale. She stays in contact with her clients after they’ve made their purchase. After all, she says, there is “no better business than working with the people you like and who like you.”

Marjorie loves her work with Baird & Warner, especially after coming from a corporate world where “they talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk.” Baird & Warner’s supportive environment, “exceptional group of practitioners and people,” and “rising tide lifts all ships” mentality means that clients receive the best service possible from a community-focused brokerage that truly puts client service first.

In her spare time, Marjorie uses her truly vast knowledge of Chicago to take advantage of the best of what the city has to offer. On off days, she and her sons Connor and Jack can often be found kayaking or hiking around the Chicago river, or exploring the Horner Park farmer’s market. The family often cooks together, making fun and healthy family meals before enjoying a relaxing game night at home. 

Marjorie and her family also enjoy Chicago’s best pizza at Spacca Napoli, dig into classic Italian at Coda Di Volpe, and love exploring new restaurants on Division Street. This autumn, she recommends taking advantage of Chicago’s beaches before the cold of winter sets in.

Marjorie is also devoted to her two favorite Chicagoland charities: Redwood Literacy, a program dedicated to diverse learners and providing resources to students with dyslexia, and the Concordia Day Program, an early childhood education program devoted to helping young learners at all economic levels.

Asked for her best advice to new brokers (and their clients), Marjorie shares her own mantra: “jump, and the net will appear. Sometimes you may not see the end result, but if you trust in your own hard work, your training and the good intentions of the people around you to help you be successful, the net will appear.” 

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