Mike – Starting Out

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Going into my first day, I was extremely excited to get started with Baird & Warner as a new broker. I had a strong interest in real estate since high school, so I was eager to see if it would be everything I expected. Like most newcomers experience, I didn’t know anyone within the office yet. It could have been an intimidating environment; however, it was quite the opposite. After walking into the office, I was immediately greeted by friendly staff and agents that were excited to see a new face. I headed into a one-on-one meeting with Diana who got me set up with all of my Baird & Warner accounts (email, MLS, etc.). She also gave a quick rundown of what the next few days would be like for me.  

Luckily, the day I started was the day of David’s weekly meeting, so and I was able to sit in on it and learn valuable tips as a broker. The topic was, “How to properly price a home”. While classes like this one may sound appropriate for only new agents, it’s great for all experience levels. Those who may be in need of a refresher or simply want to stay on top of their game can participate; and they did. David did a great job of not only making these classes fully informational, but interactive with those involved.

While getting to know the MLS, a fellow agent in the office showed me shortcuts and some of his favorite tools. He showed me how he utilized them for his current clients and how he found their perfect property. I’m big with hands-on learning, so being able to go through the process step-by-step, rather than reading a manual, was a huge help.

Overall, week one was what I expected. When beginning a career in any field, there will be times when you’re on “information overload”. There can be so much to remember within a short amount of time, but this office was able to feed me what I needed to know while still allowing me to feel comfortable. This could be the start of a very rewarding career.

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