Week 1 – Alec

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Week 1:

When I first started this journey, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how things would pan out:

I’ll absorb as much information as possible during the educational phase. By the time I complete the instructional courses and exams, I will know exactly what company I will want to join. Then, they will guide me seamlessly into my career.”  While this may sound like the ultimate scenario, it’s not where most people find themselves after the completion of their real estate pre-licensing course. Even with the dozens of letters and phone calls from recruiters, I wasn’t feeling satisfied that I knew what office I would join and I wasn’t getting any closer to my decision. Where was I going to hang my license?

In the beginning, I knew a few things: I didn’t want to join a giant company where I would be considered as a number rather than a person. I wanted a company that would understand my personality and the way that I do my work.  I wanted an office with a great culture and a company with a stellar reputation.  A few more weeks of searching went by with no success until I received an email from David Bailey, the Managing Broker at Baird & Warner-Lincoln Park. I knew the Baird & Warner name well as I had seen their signs throughout the city and suburbs. Though it didn’t seem like the intimate, tight-knit company I initially wanted, I didn’t have much to lose, so I gave it a go.

Immediately upon sitting down with David, I knew I found what I was looking for. He didn’t try to sell me on anything; he simply gave me facts about the wonderful company I am now proud to be a part of. He was kind and direct, and he gave me time to consider my decision. He arranged a meeting with Diana, the assistant managing broker, so I could learn more about company culture, tools and resources. My discussion with Diana far surpassed my expectations, and I knew that she, like David, was one of the most knowledgeable yet down-to-earth people I had ever met when it comes to real estate. It did not take long for me to realize how lucky I would be to have these easy-going, professional, and helpful individuals guide me through this process. It became clear that Baird & Warner, though a fairly large and successful company, was in fact the close knit community I was looking for all along.

Needless to say, Diana and David made my decision of Baird & Warner in Lincoln Park an easy one. Since then, I have been reminded every day that I made the right choice by the amazing office I get to work in, the passionate people I get to work with, and the tremendous knowledge I have gained through the interactive and fulfilling training sessions provided by the company. I am looking forward to learning more under the guidance of David and Diana and the rest of the remarkable Baird & Warner team!

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