Agent Spotlight – Dan Nelson

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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, Dan Nelson is the broker you want in your corner. 

He’s got more than 20 years of experience in the Chicagoland market, getting his start when his wife decided to rehab and flip a house, building that into a profitable business. “It feels like we are living in a real-life HGTV show with all the chaos and definitely all the fun.”

Dan knows that buying and selling real estate is a smart way to build wealth — but it pays to do your due diligence and make decisions based on facts instead of emotions. 

As someone who’s managed countless projects, his unique insights are an abundant resource for anyone looking to learn more about house hacking, flipping property, earning rental income, and becoming a serious real estate investor.

With a background in product management, marketing, and learning and development, Dan is a perfect fit with Baird & Warner Lincoln Park and our individualized approach to growth and support.

He believes that one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in this industry is forging a strong relationship with each client, truly getting to know them, and helping them achieve their dreams. Dan especially enjoys working with budding real estate investors and offers insider tips and guidance on how to create a successful strategy for receiving rental income.

One of his clients was a young house painter who dreamed of buying a rental property and using that income to build his portfolio. Dan was able to pair him with the perfect piece of real estate and now he’s making plans to acquire his second one this year. 

Naturally gregarious, Dan’s open and easy communication style makes him an expert negotiator and a wise advisor. His favorite part of being in real estate is the opportunity to listen to and share his knowledge with a diverse audience. 

His keen eye for detail and savvy perception skills also help him triumph at the poker table. Dan’s mastery of the deck was the original source of funding for his family’s emerging rehab business, and he still keeps his hand in the game.

Amongst Chicago’s historic 77 neighborhoods, he feels most at home in Andersonville, a laid-back area on the city’s North Side which is known for its architecture, Scandinavian roots, and high concentration of local and independent businesses. 

Andersonville began as a small village of Swedish immigrants in the mid-19th century and still celebrates that flavor with its annual Midsommarfest in June and the St. Lucia Festival of Lights every December. It’s also one of Chicago’s most welcoming communities and features plenty of opportunities for shopping and dining. 

Dan and his family love popping into the Taste of Lebanon on West Foster for healthy and affordable dishes like chicken shwarma, falafel, hummus, and baba ghanoush. For a thrilling night out, they adore the Chicago Magic Lounge, featuring a 107-seat cabaret theater, a speakeasy performance bar, and one of the country’s best libraries of magic literature and memorabilia. 

He loves to explore the city’s scenic Lakefront Trail bike path, which connects lush green spaces with dramatic urban views, beaches, and cultural institutions. It’s an easy and fun way to get to some of Chicago’s most iconic hangout spots like Del Campo’s Tacos, Caffè Oliva, and The Dock.

More and more consumers are looking for ways to generate additional income in nontraditional ways, and Dan has a gift for helping others choose the right property with the maximum amount of earning potential. This could be the ideal time to purchase a multi-family residence or a home with an accessory dwelling unit as a way to jumpstart your real estate portfolio.

Find out more about Dan’s love of transforming homes and inspiring his clients on his website, check out his Instagram, or reach out to him directly at

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