Agent Spotlight: John Irwin and Jackie Lafferty

Baird & Warner Agent Spotlight: John Irwin and Jackie Lafferty

With more than 11,000 real estate agents serving the Chicagoland area, choosing just one agent to represent your interests when you’re buying or selling a home can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, when you work with superstar Baird & Warner Lincoln Park agents John Irwin and Jackie Lafferty, you don’t have to choose just one agent. John and Jackie are independent brokers who maintain a consulting relationship — when you hire one, you’ll receive the accumulated knowledge, experience, and wisdom of both.

When asked about the transition, Jackie puts it this way: “we have been consulting for the last five to seven years. We ask each other questions and consult on our properties, and we’ve decided that it’s a better process for our clients if we just get both points of view from the get go.”

The increased flexibility afforded by this unique consulting relationship means that clients can take advantage of an innovative, collaborative approach to their home selling or buying experience. John and Jackie have over three decades of combined experience, and they’ve seen a myriad of stressful experiences a buyer or seller might face. Together, there’s no strange circumstance they haven’t faced and handled, meaning that they can solve virtually any problem that might arise from both a buyer and a seller’s perspective. As John explains it, “we approach the business from different angles. It’s helpful to have multiple perspectives, so that when we come to a decision, I’m very confident we’ve made the right decision.” 

One thing both John and Jackie understand about the real estate business is the importance of relationships. Both generate most of their business from referrals and repeat clients, and cite the benefits of growing with clients over time as their lives change to be one of the most personally rewarding aspects of their businesses. Jackie describes the growth of her practice with her clients: “the people you start with become ‘move-up’ buyers as their families grow and  they buy a larger home. Then later their children buy homes, and they become empty-nesters who downsize to a smaller home.”

Both also emphasize the importance, for young agents, of finding a niche. For agents just starting out, this can be tough, but John explains that finding what you like to do and focusing in that area is critical to success and satisfaction. “As a new agent, look around and talk to people who are successful and find out what they do. Find out what you like to do. I once worked with an agent who made 50 cold calls every day, and who loved that part of his practice. Others focus on referrals and only do a few deals every year. New agents have to decide what they want to do and what makes them happy.” 

Staying disciplined helps. Building a real estate business is like building something from scratch, and both advocate for the importance of discipline and planning for new agents. John recommends that new agents take their first year to explore all aspects of real estate, before deciding on a niche practice, and Jackie cites the importance of keeping a schedule that allows new agents to balance the different parts of their practice, especially in the early years. 

Both also agree that the training, mentorship, and support of Baird & Warner’s Lincoln Park office has been a key component to their success. Jackie, who has spent her entire 21-year real estate career with Baird & Warner, points to the support offered by noncompeting managing broker David Bailey, and “the training offered by Baird & Warner. They don’t just tell you ‘go be a Realtor,’ they want you to be successful and teach you how to be an agent.” John mentions Baird & Warner’s Chicagoland focus, explaining that other firms “don’t relate to what happens in Chicago. I love that Baird & Warner is a Chicago company – everything they do is geared toward Chicago real estate.”

When they’re not hard at work for their clients, John and Jackie both enjoy traveling and exploring to find new Chicagoland faves. For fans of Italian, John recommends Sal’s Trattoria at Wolfram and Southport. For a wine bar with great food, Jackie recommends Volo in Roscoe Village to locals and visitors alike.

To connect with John, you can check out his webpage, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram at @johnirwinrealestate. Jackie can be found on Facebook or on Instagram @jackielaffertyrealtor.

Curious about how the training, support, and services at Baird & Warner – Lincoln Park can help take your business to the next level? Get in touch today to get the conversation started.

What Should We Expect From Chicagoland’s Real Estate Market In 2022?

What Should We Expect From Chicagoland’s Real Estate Market In 2022?

2020 and 2021 have been truly unprecedented years in the real estate business. Major shifts to how we live, play, and work have affected all of us, and while some things will return to normal, it’s clear that our lives will forever be changed by the lessons we’ve learned over that time. In the real estate industry, the last two years have made it clear how important it is for those who work in this business to adapt, pivot, and see these challenges as opportunities — opportunities to build our businesses in a way that allows them to thrive in any conditions.

As we wind down the year, now is the time to look ahead — and start setting down goals and plans for 2022 and beyond. 

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Agent Spotlight: Scott Curcio

Scott Curcio wasn’t in the real estate business when he bought his first property, but that purchase sparked an ongoing interest and put him in the “real estate mindset,” as he tells it. In fact, prior to embarking on his career at Baird & Warner Lincoln Park, Scott was an events and marketing professional, skills that have undoubtedly contributed to his rise to the pinnacle of his profession, as one of the top 1% of Realtors in all of Chicago. Scott’s hardworking, meticulous approach sets him apart from the crowd and has allowed him to create a successful, results-oriented practice for each and every client he serves.

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A Day In The Life Of A Baird & Warner Lincoln Park Agent

A Day In The Life Of A Baird & Warner Lincoln Park Agent

As any licensed real estate professional  knows all too well, no two days in the real estate business are ever quite the same. However, even though this business requires — and rewards — a certain amount of flexibility and adaptability, the most successful brokers are the ones who make sure their schedules include time for the most important parts of their business every single day.

While there is no “typical day,” just about every broker’s day will include lead generation and follow ups, business servicing, and training and learning opportunities. All of those pieces work together to form a structure. I think the biggest mistake that people make is that they don’t give themselves a structure to follow. Those who do set a structure and approach each day with intent are going to see a more consistent level of growth, and a faster path to success.

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The Unexpected Benefits Of A Career At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park

The Unexpected Benefits Of A Real Estate Career At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park

Real estate is a relationship business. And whether you’re just starting out on your real estate career or are a seasoned professional looking to grow a thriving business, the importance of your partnerships cannot be overstated. Your brokerage is more than just a name on a shingle, it’s a set of support systems, mentorship, training, and tools. 

At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park, you’ll have access to Chicagoland’s most powerful tools, resources, and support, so that you can keep your attention where it belongs — on turning your business into everything you want it to be. Read on to learn more about the unexpected benefits of a real estate career at Baird & Warner Lincoln Park.

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Agent Spotlight: Lyn Harvie

Agent Spotlight: Lyn Harvie

For Broker Associate Lyn Harvie, simplifying the process is always at the forefront of her dedication to client service. An experienced investor, Lyn explains that she first obtained her real estate license “to buy properties for myself. I had no intention of selling real estate full time.” 

Now, with nearly a decade of experience as a professional in the real estate business, Lyn has a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set that translates into fantastic results for her clients. The recipient of Baird & Warner’s Chairman’s Club Award, Lyn has an unparalleled ability to build relationships and close deals for her clients.

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Agent Spotlight: Marjorie Allabastro

Baird & Warner Agent Spotlight Marjorie Allabastro

As the daughter of an architect, real estate is practically in Marjorie Allabastro’s DNA. Visiting job sites with her father sparked a lifelong enthusiasm for the subject that is evident in her passion for her work. Marjorie started out in real estate development, then took a career detour into the corporate world, but nothing could hold her back from a return to real estate. She brings a sharp focus, clear love of the subject matter, and a tireless work ethic to every transaction, building an enviable loyalty among her clients, who return to seek her services again and again as they navigate home purchases over the years.

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Business Generating Vs. Business Servicing: How Are You Spending Your Time?

Business Generating Vs. Business Servicing: How Are You Spending Your Time?

There’s a lot that goes into the typical day of a Chicago real estate broker. Here at the Baird & Warner – Lincoln Park office, one of the things that we encourage all of our agents to focus on is making sure that they are putting their time to the highest and best use. For new and experienced brokers alike, this often comes down to understanding the difference between the activities that generate new business, and the activities that service the business you already have. 

Too often, I see agents get caught up in servicing their business at the expense of generating new opportunities. While this may feel productive in the moment because you’re doing a lot of things, it often means that you’re not focusing on the activities that will actually allow you to grow your business, and make it more sustainable and lucrative for the long haul. 

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Chicago’s Fall and Winter 2021 Real Estate Market Outlook

Chicago's Fall and Winter 2021 Real Estate Market Outlook

What do the remaining months of 2021 have in store for the Chicago real estate market — and how can brokers prepare themselves for the rest of the year? 

Looking at current trends, it is clear that there is an enormous amount of opportunity in the marketplace going into the fall. Agents who commit to understanding the market and putting in the work are in a prime position to set themselves up for a strong showing through the rest of the year, while also setting up for a strong beginning of 2022.

Let’s dig into some important trends that will shape the market through the rest of the year and beyond: 

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