Week 2 – Alec

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Week 2:

This week I had a meeting with my Sales Support Manager Diana so we could go over some marketing materials and coordinate an announcement about my new career that would go out to everyone in my sphere of influence. What’s great about Baird & Warner is the fact that they let me take the reigns and personalize my own marketing strategy. This allows me to put my own personal touch on things as opposed to sending out a generic form letter. Of course, if I ever need help with anything, Diana and David are there to give me advice and suggestions on how to make my initial efforts at a marketing campaign successful. We are constantly pondering creative strategies that will attract clients to my business brand. These ongoing conversations I’ve had with Diana & David are incredibly useful as I work to grow my business as a realtor.
This week I also attended our weekly new broker training session where a small group of us share experiences and challenges we’ve had as we get our businesses up and running. Sometimes these trainings run like a round-table discussion group where we talk through issues, questions and concerns we face. Other times we delve deep into a pre-selected topic that will help us grow our businesses and run through various scenarios.  While these meetings are not mandatory, they are very helpful and I go to as many as I possibly can. I know the knowledge and experience I gain from these trainings will prove useful when I’m finally doing some deals of my own! 

Share with your sphere!

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