A Day In The Life Of A Baird & Warner Lincoln Park Agent

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As any licensed real estate professional  knows all too well, no two days in the real estate business are ever quite the same. However, even though this business requires — and rewards — a certain amount of flexibility and adaptability, the most successful brokers are the ones who make sure their schedules include time for the most important parts of their business every single day.

While there is no “typical day,” just about every broker’s day will include lead generation and follow ups, business servicing, and training and learning opportunities. All of those pieces work together to form a structure. I think the biggest mistake that people make is that they don’t give themselves a structure to follow. Those who do set a structure and approach each day with intent are going to see a more consistent level of growth, and a faster path to success.

Lead Generation And Follow-Ups

Maintaining a steady stream of business can help keep you off the “roller coaster” that can characterize many entrepreneurial ventures, and particularly a career in real estate. Many of the most successful real estate brokers start their days with lead generation activities. Those activities might include: 

  • making phone calls, sending emails, or having coffee or lunch with your contacts (your “sphere of influence”.)
  • following up with leads generated at networking events or open houses
  • writing marketing content or drip campaigns that will activate conversations with prospects
  • creating social media posts

At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park, we provide tools to facilitate each of these activities. As a Baird & Warner Broker, you’ll have access to state of the art CRM, marketing resources to expand your brand (print and digital), and The Marketing Playbook: a collection of “how-to” guides designed to help you grow your business and market your listings. We’ll help you get started building your website and social media presence, and we’re always here to support your efforts.

Business Servicing 

Business servicing activities are the things you do as a broker that are designed to serve your current clients. These can be as simple as returning calls and emails, and can range to activities such as: 

  • handling and  negotiating contracts
  • managing transactions in progress (such as having new pictures taken at a listing, or shooting a virtual walkthrough video)
  • scheduling and attending new listing appointments
  • scheduling and attending buyer appointments
  • showing homes and other properties
  • hosting and attending brokers’ opens

Baird & Warner’s Lincoln Park office has tools available to make these activities easier and more efficient. Our office gives you access to an unparalleled support staff, as well as the ability to build a team on demand, maximizing your time investment in your business and giving you the freedom to focus your energies on the activities that are most productive for the way you like to work. 

We know that a strong support team is essential to keep the flow of business moving. In addition to a non-competing managing broker, our office has a full-time management staff of three to help give our brokers unrivaled support, guidance, and mentorship, including our Assistant Managing Broker Negeen Masghati, Director of Agent Development Hunter Andre, and Sales Support Manager Diana Duvall.

Our incredible support staff includes full-time administrative staff who are on hand to assist with listing management, marketing production, closing logistics, and so much more. In addition, Baird & Warner agents have access to in-house services from Key Mortgage and Baird & Warner Title, making things more efficient and convenient for brokers and their clients, at every step of the way.

Continuing Education And Mentorship

The real estate business is constantly changing and evolving, and having access to educational resources and ongoing mentorship is a key part of taking your business to the next level. At Baird & Warner Lincoln Park, we understand that training is essential — for both new and experienced agents alike.

To help new brokers get started as quickly as possible, Baird & Warner has developed an intensive “crash course” on all things real estate related. Known as BW ACHIEVE, this intensive seven-day workshop is designed to teach the fundamentals of launching a real estate business. ACHIEVE includes tips and tricks on how to generate business using Baird & Warner’s proprietary systems and strategies, and lessons on the fundamentals of the business, including data analytics, contracts, negotiation strategies, and sales and communications skills.

Broker training also includes ongoing mentoring & coaching with the management team of David, Diana, Hunter, & Negeen. Part of this consists of weekly small group training sessions that dive deep into timely, relevant topics designed to make you more efficient in the current marketplace. To further hone your skills and refine your business model, the management team is always available to meet with you one-on-one to continue the learning process.

Join an Office That Helps You Grow Your Business Faster

At Baird & Warner – Lincoln Park, our brokers have a city-wide reputation as some of the most knowledgeable, ethical, professional, and productive in the industry. We invest in our brokers from day one, providing a multidisciplinary training experience. We strive to create a collaborative environment where our brokers feel empowered to use the innovative tools and support we provide to build thriving, sustainable businesses. And we provide bright, modern, comfortable, and safe work stations and conference rooms that make our office a perfect “home base” for your daily activities.

Want to discuss what sets our office apart? Interested in learning more about life as a Chicago real estate broker? I always welcome the opportunity to discuss your real estate career. Whether you are considering a career change or looking for a new partner in your existing business, I look forward to connecting!

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