This Real Estate Life S2: E4- Jason Finn

We’re not bluffing when we say that Jason Finn has a proven track record of success in real estate. A poker aficionado (that’s 2 this season if you’re keeping track), Jason leverages his poker face and ability to stay calm under pressure to navigate contract negotiations, often winning the hand for his clients. With a background in consulting, Jason has always been solution-oriented and takes that approach to every transaction. And he know *a little something* about technology and SEO too…so many skills that benefit his clients on both sides of the transaction. We are excited to share the man with “a passion for compassion” with you…and wait until you hear how he turned a casino into his remote office!

This Real Estate Life ep 13: How to develop a successful business in a new city with Dan Asher

This week, we spoke with Dan Asher to learn how he built and continues to build his successful real estate business, starting over in a brand new city! Dan spent 15+ years building successful real estate and home building businesses in St. Louis. Last year, he and his family chose to finally pursue a dream to move to Chicago and sell real estate in our great city. He’s been here less than a year and is already crushing it, leveraging old strategies and adopting new ones. If you feel stagnant, or are new to the biz and want to learn how Dan has been growing his business with little to no existing local network, take a listen…I know you will find lots of great gems in this episode. (and check out his Instagram for some great video content! @danasher_realestate)